We are delighted to welcome you to our campsite.

To ensure your freedom throughout your holiday, and following recent government announcements, all people over 16 must present a vaccination pass and a health pass (persons aged 12 to 16), once, on arrival at the campsite.

It may be in digital or paper format.

This pass allows you access to all of the campsite’s facilities and activities throughout the duration of your stay.

To ensure we all enjoy this holiday together, please be careful and continue to carry out preventative measures.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further information.


The purpose of cancellation insurance is to guarantee the individual risk in the event of cancellation or interruption of the stay (following illness, accident, COVID-19 illness, contact case, etc.) and in no case a collective risk. Consequently, the restrictions put in place by the government, which impact the entire population (border closures, general confinement, travel restrictions, etc.), fall within the exclusions of the contract and cannot be covered.